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Retail Therapy…aka Shopping June 27, 2012

I know this blog is devoted to wellness and staying fit while being a mom, but I absolutely LOVE to shop! It is one of my favorite things to do (when I have the cash to spend, of course). Some say that retail therapy is a form of “wellness” because it helps to relieve stress, so I am including it here. It definitely provides some stress relief for me at times! Also, as mommies, we tend to put ourselves last, buying clothes for our children and never for ourselves (the mommy guilt), so I think it’s important to include some shopping “me” time, occasionally.

My mom and I love to spend the day shopping, chatting and just having a “girls day.” It’s a great way to have fun and spend time together. In addition, when you work hard to stay in shape, it is a nice reward to shop for new clothes! My favorite store is Nordstom (“Nordies”) because their service is excellent. There are always people waiting to help you and start a fitting room, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy (you can usually return anything without a receipt at any time, even if it was worn, and you will still receive a full refund). Their prices can be on the expensive side, but their sales are REALLY good! If you haven’t shopped at Nordies, I highly recommend it, it is SO worth it!

I will post updates about my shopping adventures, finding clothes that work for my body (and highlight my toned arms!), deals/sales, staying within a budget, and how retail therapy is good for your health!


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