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Weekend Recap and Drink Chia Review and Giveaway!! October 8, 2012

Happy Monday! We had a good weekend, though not enough relaxation. I’m looking forward to a weekend when we don’t have any plans (if that is possible!). Anyhow, before I talk about today and Drink Chia, here is a little bit about our weekend.

On Friday, we had our “at home date night,” and enjoyed some roasted spaghetti squash seeds with some wine as we were waiting for the spaghetti squash tomato bake to be done. My husband offered to roast the seeds and he did a really good job; they were yummy! We are definitely going to do this again when we make any winter squash, because the seeds make a great snack or addition to homemade trail mix! After enjoying our scrumptious spaghetti squash tomato bake, we watched a couple of our favorite TV shows, i.e. “Up All Night” and “Parenthood.” For dessert, I didn’t end up making the microwave cookie like I had planned. Instead, we enjoyed a scoop of vanilla ice cream with some of my husband’s cousin’s famous fudge sauce…SO good!

Yummy roasted squash seeds!

Delicious spaghetti squash tomato bake with chicken right out of the oven!

On Saturday, we went to our local farmer’s market and loaded up on produce for the week,  followed by running a few errands. Before I forget, my husband made a very yummy breakfast: eggs benedict (well, a pseudo eggs benedict: poached egg on top of toast with tomato, avocado and Costco’s yogurt jalapeno dip)!  In the afternoon, we headed to our friend’s son’s birthday party (Keenan had a blast playing with all of the kids and eating a chocolate cupcake!) and then to my parent’s house. My husband and I helped out at an event for my hometown’s school, since my parent’s couldn’t be there. While we were at the event, my cousin babysat Keenan, so it was a nice “night out” for my husband and me!

Eggs benedict thanks to my lovely, husband!

Yesterday, we made a nice breakfast of eggs, oatmeal pancakes and fruit for my dad (since my mom was out of town) and headed to church. After lunch, we headed home for Keenan’s nap. Once he got up, we enjoyed a chocolate peanut butter milkshake (minus the milk) with flaxseed added for a snack and got our groceries for the week. Keenan was SO excited to drink his milkshake, in fact, he pretty much sipped every last morsel in his cup!

Milkshake time!

Now, on to today and Drink Chia! Keenan and I enjoyed our “usual” breakfast this morning of Fage Greek yogurt, flaxseed, chia seeds, strawberries and Kashi cereal (I know, boring!), since we had to get out the door quickly to go to his music class. Tomorrow, I’m thinking chocolate protein oats or no-oat oatmeal for breakfast…we’ll see! Anyhow, after class, we played in the park with some of the kids and Mommies from his music class before heading home for lunch. I made Keenan a turkey and cheese sandwich with avocado and a glass of milk. I enjoyed a peach and walnut salad with dried cherries and chopped chicken tossed with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil. It hit the spot!

Using his fork as a “microphone” as he was eating his lunch!

My lunch!

This afternoon, we are headed to CrossFit and then home for dinner: grilled country style boneless pork ribs with roasted brussel sprouts topped with pine nuts and Parmesan cheese!

Drink Chia:

Before I go into my review, here is a little background on Drink Chia: it is based in Florida and was founded by Chandra Davis, a mother of two young children, who was training for a marathon and wanted to enhance her nutrition. She researched different things and went to her local health food store and bought some chia seeds. After many hours in the kitchen experimenting with chia seeds, mixing them into different fruit juices and adding various sweeteners to get the perfect beverage, thus Drink Chia was born. She drank her concoction everyday and noticed a difference in her energy and she experienced less aches and pains in her knees and ankles from her training. Chandra co-founded Drink Chia with her fitness trainer, Mark Theisen.

Drink Chia’s lineup.

The kind folks at Drink Chia generously sent me some of their drinks to sample last week. They have four flavors: Mango Tangerine, B Meyer Lemon, Honeysuckle Pear and Strawberry Citrus. The first one that I tried was Strawberry Citrus, which was excellent (all flavors were great)! The flavor was great and I hardly noticed the seeds (but, before drinking, it needs to be chilled and you must SHAKE it, otherwise the seeds could clump up). Prior to trying Drink Chia, I have to say, I was not a fan of chia beverages, due to the seeds clumping up (with or without shaking) and the feeling in my mouth (more of a texture thing than flavor), but Drink Chia proved me wrong! They were definitely able to make a great tasting drink with chia seeds and without the funny texture like other chia drinks. Another nice thing (or added bonus) about their drinks, is that they are only 40 calories and are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, lots of B-complex vitamins, zinc, selenium and only 4 grams of sugar. It is a great drink for a quick afternoon “pick-me-up,” prior to your workout or part of your post-workout snack. Instead of sprinkling chia seeds in your food, you can just drink them and still gain the same nutritional benefits (or more!). I love chia seeds because they are so beneficial for your health, thus I try to put them in everything I can (yogurt, baking and sprinkled in salads), but I will definitely be drinking more of Drink Chia! They can be purchased online, through or you may find them at your local grocery store.

Such good stuff!

Since Drink Chia was so generous, they offered to send one lucky reader a half case and a t-shirt!!

To enter the giveaway, please follow the steps below:

1. Leave a comment on this post stating when you would drink your Drink Chia, i.e. part of your post-workout snack, part of your breakfast, after lunch, etc!

Earn an extra entry by:

1. Like Fit ‘N’ Well Mommy’s Facebook page

2. Like Drink Chia’s Facebook page

3. Post on YOUR Facebook page or Tweet, “I want to win some Drink Chia from Drink Chia and Fit ‘N’ Well Mommy at”

*Make sure to leave a second comment on this post with your Facebook post, Tweet or Like, in order for your extra entry to be counted!

The giveaway ends this Thursday, October 11th at 8:00 p.m. PST. Good luck!


35 Responses to “Weekend Recap and Drink Chia Review and Giveaway!!”

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  7. Nonna Says:

    I will definitely try this, I could always use for energy!

  8. […] our financial adviser appointment was at 1:00 p.m. today, I made Keenan a quick lunch of our “usual breakfast” and I tried something new for myself. I was inspired by Brittany to make her Pumpkin Pie […]

  9. David Noceti Says:

    I think I’d have these stocked up for my wife. Being a school teacher, she doesn’t get very many breaks or a chance to have a good meal during the day. She’s always looking for a little something extra to help get her through the day.

  10. […] up a bit,” today’s eats were mostly different (except for breakfast; we had our “usual,” since we had to get out the door quickly for Keenan’s swim […]

  11. Renata Says:

    I like Drink Chia on Facebook

  12. Renata Says:

    I like you on Facebook as well

  13. Renata Says:

    This would be a yummy breakfast for me to start my day and get energized!

  14. Ray Says:

    I also like Drink Chia on Facebook! ZThank you!

  15. Ray Says:

    I like you on Facebook!

  16. Ray Says:

    Definitely Drink Chia would make a great post-workout boost for me!

  17. […] much of my day–including what I eat and when I workout–is a part of my routine. i.e. my “usual” breakfast and going to CrossFit every afternoon. Having a routine in my life is just who I am, though it may […]

  18. Marilyn Says:

    I would drink it for breakfast!

  19. Natalie T. Says:

    I tweeted the giveaway

  20. Natalie T. Says:

    I would drink it as a post workout snack

  21. Natalie T. Says:

    I would drink it post-workout.

  22. miletwentyeight Says:

    I liked your FB page

  23. miletwentyeight Says:

    I already like Drink Chia’s FB page!

  24. miletwentyeight Says:

    I like some drink chia after a good workout!

  25. Molly Helfman Says:

    I’d like to try it as a post workout snack. I’ve actually never tried chia seeds!

    • Molly Helfman Says:

      I liked Drink Chia’s facebook page too. And of course already like Fit ‘N’ Well Mommy’s FB page.

  26. Georgiana Says:

    I like Drink Chia on Facebook too!

  27. Georgiana Says:

    I like you on Facebook

  28. Georgiana Says:

    Right after lunch or with my lunch for extra healthy fiber! Yum!

  29. […] morning we are off to meet a fellow blogger and her adorable little one for a play date in the park.  I think it’s another sweatshirt […]

  30. Serena Says:

    I would definately be a great “tester” I would drink prior to my workouts. I’m an athlete traing for a half marathon and triathlon. I am a “marketer” at a local store and would be a great tester and word of mouth does wonders. Plus I love chia seeds.

  31. I would add it to my morning regime to pick me up in the morning instead of coffee

  32. Sarah Says:

    I would love to try it as an afternoon pick me up since I’m slowly working soda out of my diet!

  33. Looks like a fun weekend! I feel about the same as Chia drinks as you did before Drink Chia. They are a little hard to swallow but I am a huge fan of Chia seeds. I’ve heard great things about this brand and would love to try it!

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